Xiaomi Mi Wireless Presenter a couple of released at Rs. seven hundred ninety-nine

Returned another service or smart service this time. Wireless has been named the pair of wireless presenters Mi. this absolutely for an attractive offer. In addition, USB cable TV is not included with the box. However, the rates required for demanding features are becoming less acceptable.

Specifically, the "Beoplay P2 BROWN" should conquer the minds of buyers knowing that it erases the initial collaboration, at any time, of Hammer & Olufsen. Another Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth remarkable feature is that the 'Beoplay P2 BROWN' will be available in brownish using the design through the representative character of Series Buddies, 'BROWN' which can be widely loved by millennials from all over the world and retains the benefits of present Hammer & Olufsen. speakers. The 'Beoplay P2 BROWN', a very private and completely light wireless presenter, harmoniously integrates the color of 'BROWN' with the marvelous jewel of anodized metal for barbecue and the lower part in pure polymer. A natural leather strap, offering 'BROWN' facial skin, adds extra portability. The presenter includes a natural leather bag and custom accessories with the same color, which will only be used for 'Beoplay P2 bluetooth-speaker.org brands BROWN'. With Hammer & Olufsen Signature Seem, the presenter guarantees a rich, exceptional appearance for the measurement. In addition, it offers advanced robustness, dash and dirt resistance, and portability due to lightweight design and up to 10 hours of battery life. It is expected that "Beoplay P2 BROWN" will receive high recognition, especially from consumers seeking quality and quality, as well as individuality, by integrating the brand's point of view, technological innovation and innovation. design of products or services. This lightweight wireless speaker will also be of interest to designers, including professional musicians and photographers, who typically try to find new inspirations in outdoor activities.

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